SECRID Cardprotector 10

  • The Cardprotector is the heart of our collection and our most minimal wallet. The patented mechanism allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, ready for immediate use. The aluminium casing protects from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.

Original, since 2009

  • Ten years after the invention of our iconic Cardprotector, we’re proud to have reached the milestone of 10 million pieces produced. The wallet industry has returned to Holland on a scale which has never been seen before. We are celebrating this great achievement with a limited edition: the Cardprotector 10. To highlight the special mechanism inside and its ergonomic lever, we have decorated both the base and the aluminium casing.


  • 4 embossed or 6 flat cards

Size and weight

  • 63 x 102 x 8 mm
  • 48 g


  • The cradle to gate production of this wallet, packaging included, has the following footprint in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and energy usage. 

SECRID Cardprotector 10